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We get a lot of questions about health problems associated with various types of drinking water contaminants. Below are the various types of contaminants we deal with and the possible health effects they can cause.

Possible Health Problems Associated with Contaminant
Bacteria Fever, abdominal cramps, diarrhea
Iron Constipation and abdominal cramping at high concentrations
Arsenic Liver and kidney damage, possible cancerous tumors
Lead Brain damage in young children, weight loss, nerve disorders
Copper May cause nerve disorders at high concentrations
Aluminum Believed to be a contributing factor to Alzheimer's Disease
Sodium Detrimental to people on low-sodium diets


Above concentrations of 200 ppm, kidney damage will occur
Nitrate Can cause fatailities in children, competes with oxygen in body, will build up in body after prolonged exposure. Also known as "blue baby syndrome"
Synthetic Organic Chemicals (SOC) Some are suspected of causing cancers.
Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOA) Has been shown to cause cancer.


If you are experiencing health problems you think might be caused by your drinking water, contact us today. We have products for sale that can reduce or eliminate these harmful contaminants in any water system.

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